Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be used to treat knee and hip disorders

14 Jun
June 14, 2013

PRP for Degenerative Arthritis of the Hip or Knee

Degenerative arthritis of the hip or knee is a common problem among the aging population especially here in South Florida.  Also known as osteoarthritis, this condition can affect multiple joints and may involve the same limb.  For example, a person with degenerative arthritis of the knee may experience arthritis in other joints on the same leg, causing an imbalanced gait and stress placed on the joints in the afflicted leg.

Degenerative arthritis can be extremely painful, especially if it occurs in the hip and knee of the same limb.  The patient may have trouble getting around and performing routine tasks due to the pain and discomfort.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be used to treat knee and hip disorders.  Depending on a number of factors, your doctor will decide if you are a candidate for receiving this type of treatment.  The goal of PRP therapy in treating degenerative arthritis of the hip and knee is to promote tissue regeneration.

There are millions of patients who have debilitating arthritic conditions, such as degenerative arthritis.  By receiving PRP therapy at our Miami Center, the results are favorable.  Current research shows that soft tissue injuries are highly responsive to PRP.  Recently studies have included clinical trials for patients who underwent PRP therapy for degenerative arthritis.  The results showed that PRP is a safe and effective method of treatment.

The Promise of PRP

Unlike other forms of treatment, such as medication and cortisone shots, PRP provides more than just a symptom relieving Band-Aid.  PRP has been shown to potentially heal the injured site, or in patients with degenerative arthritis, possibly regenerate tissue.

PRP therapy causes growth factors to be released in larger quantities at the area of injury.  In a person with degenerative arthritis, injections of the concentration are administered at the affected joint.  More than one treatment may be required depending on the severity of the arthritis and how long the patient has been affected.

One to three treatments are a standard regimen, but each patient responds differently.  Treatments may be spaced out, typically between four and six weeks. At Prp Miami we are happy to discuss the treatment plan that is most effective for your condition.

PRP Works to Heal When growth factors are released an inflammatory reaction is induced.  This reaction initiates a powerful healing cascade.  Blood flow is stimulated, the framework of matrix of soft tissues is promoted and a restoration process takes place.  Tissues are regenerated and patients report improvement after several weeks.  The results vary depending on the severity of the condition and how many treatments are required.

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